Apple MacBook review
Apple MacBook review

When the first MacBook was released by Apple 13 years ago, it had been advertised as this very affordable alternative to the MacBook Pro. And, although it's definitely more affordable compared to Apple's pro laptop, things have changed somewhat for the MacBook, starting in 2015.

That's if the Apple MacBook was shifted into the 12-inch ultra portable notebook it's now -- a design that the MacBook 2017 improves on.

The new MacBook is packaged with a gorgeous Retina display, which places the cost somewhere between the 2017 MacBook Air along with the MacBook Pro without Touch Bar. If you are missing on the Apple jargon, Retina signifies there are many pixels from the display, that they're imperceptible to the naked eye.

This new MacBook is definitely worth your time, even at the face of the MacBook Air some might state replaced it. Lean, light and inalterable, it is a classic Apple design in every sense, and it is going to draw plenty of envious looks in the coffee store. But this light and thin design includes a hefty price tag. We only hope a MacBook 2019 is on its way.

Price and availability

Apple MacBook review

You will have the ability to detect the MacBook we examined on the shelf of your regional Apple Store (or Amazon) for $1,299 (£1,249, AU$1,899). That'll get you what found under our sexy pink holder sheet.

For the time being, if your lavish taste demand a more powerful 12-inch MacBook, there are greater tiers to select from.

1 version of the MacBook, for example, includes an Intel Core i5-7Y54 and 512GB of SSD distance instead of the base model's 256GB. It is still fanless, therefore we would not bank on rates quite as quickly as the lowest priced MacBook Pro, but does come into a grand total of $1,599 (£1,549, AU$2,349).

If you would like to max out the Apple MacBook, it is going to set you back a whopping $1,949 (£1,864, AU$2,909) to an Intel Core i7-7Y75 CPU and 16GB of RAM backed up using a 512GB PCIe SSD.

Remember that these are obsolete processors in 2018, using 8th-generation processors having found in the latter half of 2017. If you'd like the most recent fanless silicon, then you are going to need to choose the MacBook Air 2018.

The technically similar laptop on the Windows ending is the Acer Swift 7, an Ultrabooks seemingly destined to go head to head with the MacBook. It starts at $1,099 or 999 (about AU$1,449) to get a comparable Intel Core i5 Y-series processor with the exact same quantity of storage and RAM in addition to a Full HD, 13.3-inch display.

Or, perhaps even the Asus ZenBook UX310UA, which you can pick up for about $699 (about £530, AU$920) to get a beefier U-series processor and the identical quantity of RAM and storage.

On the Chrome OS side, there's Google's flagship Chromebook, the Pixelbook, starting at $999 (£999, AU$1,499) using a more powerful Intel Core i5 CPU and the exact same RAM, but half as far SSD distance as the top-end MacBook.


Apple MacBook review

Frankly the look and texture of the new Apple MacBook's framework has not changed much -- if at all -- within the 2016 model, that is not completely a bad thing. Launched in Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold, the brushed aluminum seems equally as trendy and pristine as it has for years.

And, the MacBook's thinness and feathery weight remains striking to the stage that its measurements are just one of the significant selling points of the laptop.

That said, an even more narrow screen bezel or only one more USB-C port will be determined upon the design now.

1 big improvement the new MacBook retains over the 2015 and 2016 iterations is the elegant, second-generation butterfly switches that include the new keyboard. Traveling is not any deeper, which we do not love, but comments is quite a bit more forceful, improving the typing experience drastically.

The MacBook's broad, glass-coated trackpad remains the same as this past year, meaning it is equally as nice to use as it has ever been. Apple's touch interface tech through both software and hardware remains practically unrivaled.

We say'almost' because Google could have caught up to Apple using its Pixelbook. Ironically, the keyboard and trackpad on that matter are ones to be imitated.

Display, screen and sound

Apple MacBook review

Most of us know that Apple has prided itself on its own displays for years, and with good reason. The 12-inch MacBook's screen remains unchanged since the dawn of the product in 2015, which will be just nice. Editing photos and performing graphically intense work looks fantastic about the Retina display, however it is not the only real screen in college anymore.

Additionally, the MacBook's 16:10 aspect ratio might just be bizarre enough to be annoying sometimes, such as when watching films or editing pictures that are formatted to 16:9 in fullscreen mode.

In terms of the way the MacBook sounds, the four stereo speakers supporting its hinge can surely pump out some loud songs. Nevertheless, like most of notebooks using mere millimeters to utilize for audio chambers, the sound is somewhat thin and tinny, with a few stations in tunes only getting lost outright.

However, you are not going to get far better audio from any laptop close to this thin. Thank heaven that Apple has not pulled the headphone jack in the MacBook.


The 2017 MacBook remains utilizing fanless M-and Y-series Intel processors, but that does not mean much to ordinary users. It is strong enough to handle most ordinary tasks users will throw it 2019 -- such as mild video editing. But, video editing is probably pushing it.

We did not run into some slowdown or slugging whilst analyzing the Apple Macbook, even with more than 20 Chrome tabs available at the exact same moment. Remember that these tabs have been creating everything from text editors, spreadsheets, streaming audio and live chat.

Because we are stacking the MacBook up from a laptop that runs Chrome OS and one that released in the year, until we embraced the Geekbench 4 evaluation, directly comparisons from the numbers are a fool's errand.

What these numbers must tell you is that this laptop is more than capable of handling basic tasks as well as some innovative ones, such as Java-based graphical map generation.

That said, do not hesitate to see that this laptop get blindsided with people equipped with full-fat, mobile U-series Intel processors.

If you stack those crude differences with the possibly minimum benefits in weight and thinness that those laptops present, it is difficult not to wonder the purchase price of this authentic gorgeous device.

Apple MacBook review

Battery life

The Apple Macbook still beats out a lot of its rivals in pure strength, reporting a battery life score in our TechTnet Battery Life Test of 8 hours and 4 minutes. That's almost a half an hour longer than the Pixelbook, and almost 3 hours longer than the 2017 Acer Swift 7.

Of course, that's unsurprisingly far below Apple's battery life claims of around 10 hours wireless web surfing or around 12 hours iTunes video playback. Regardless, it is well beyond what most Ultrabooks of the season have reported in our evaluation, which places screen brightness and audio volume to 50%, also all other rear radios and lights off store for Wi-Fi.

Apple MacBook review

General assessment

In all honesty, provided its exorbitant cost for what is on offer hardware-wise, we are somewhat annoyed that we enjoy the 2017 12-inch MacBook as far as we all do. In other words, the laptop is rather readily out-classed in terms of pricing with several competitions in terms of brass tacks components, from storage capability to ports to screen sharpness.

But employing the MacBook daily is where it manages to maintain its ground against the competition. The hottest MacBook design has proven to be inimitable throughout the past couple of years, delivering an experience that's equally rapid and portable in ways that many other laptops in its category just can not.

Only doing a while or surfing the internet using our legs crossed feels much better on the MacBook compared to most other laptops we've tested. Throwing this MacBook to a back pack -- and perhaps even forgetting the charger feels as though what's in there. However, what comes out is a device that wakes up at the blink of an eye and will not slow down brief of gaming or extreme graphical editing function.

If you are able to get beyond a price tag that's high even for Mac fans, then prepare yourself to enjoy what is surprisingly the finest MacBook in years -- Pro or otherwise.