Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review
Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review

Samsung has played the tablet space for quite a while and much longer in the world of Windows laptops. Now, together with the Galaxy TabPro S, the South Korean electronics giant has now launched a Surface Pro 4 competition that also intends to take down the iPad Pro using the full-fat ability of Windows 10.

The 12-inch slate is slim and features a very vibrant, Super AMOLED display that beats the pants off of nearly every Windows device before it. That said, with just an Intel Core m series processor and memory that is limited, it lags behind a number of the finest Windows tablets available on the current market, like the HP Spectre x360.

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There's no denying how incredibly sparse this tablet it's. Measuring just 0.25 inches (0.63cm) thick, the TabPro S is skinnier compared to Surface Pro 4 with a significant margin, and with a smaller step, the iPad Pro.

It would be Simple to confuse the TabPro S to get a Android tablet, as it is nearly as thin as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It bares more than a striking similarity, also, using a similar form and minimalistic design down to the little camera hump on the back.

Of course, the significant distinction is the TabPro S is running using a headier CPU and Windows 10 in which you may have anticipated Android to be.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review

This Windows tablet too, regrettably, isn't built with the exact same magnesium ion design as the Tab S2. Rather, the TabPro S features a magnesium frame and plastic back. Materials aside, the 12-inch slate feels light and solid enough to maintain upright for hours and hours.

The bezels are a small big by today's criteria, particularly with people on the side being an inch thick. But it is forgivable, because these small areas help to really grip the tablet without activating the touchscreen.

Weak bonds

Though the TabPro S is an impressively thin and beautifully constructed Windows tablet, the keyboard base is too flimsy to maintain this 12-inch tablet rating.

Like most tablet computer covers, this folding keyboard folio sticks on the Samsung's tablet utilizing magnets built into either the case's sides in addition to a magnetic anchor over the keyboard.

On the other end, a pliable, segmented panel covers the trunk portion of the tablet computer and rips out to expand the foundation. The base of the tablet, meanwhile, clips right into a tipping, magnetic strip over the keyboard to maintain it either a 115- or 155-degree standing posture.

Tilting the screen between these two angles is bothersome, as you want to gingerly different the tablet computer from elements of the magnetic case whilst preventing the entire thing from coming apart. However careful you're, you will quickly recognize the thin back cover is not powerful enough to hold the tablet in place.

The back cover often slips out of working readily, causing the tablet to fall on its rear, and on more than 1 occasion I needed to grab it before crashing onto the ground. It is also possible to forget about using the keyboard when lying back, since the tablet readily peels forward and falls flat on its face.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review

When these magnets are powerful enough to support 10-inch Android tablets, using a bigger 12-inch device that's not necessarily the case. Specifically using the TabPro S, it is more like cradling a kid who can not keep up its head.

The greatest downfall of the case is that you can't simply flip the keyboard behind the screen to use it like a Windows tablet. Doing this will cause the device to drop asleep, as a result of a magnet built in the smallest panel section covering the rear of the tablet.

Even though you're able to envision the device back , the NFC tag built into the left side of the keyboard presses from the back of the background. This ends up introducing another problem of tripping a continuous stream of connection requests.

It seems like a mistake in design, and so you are going to need to completely detach and throw the keyboard base apart whenever you would like to use the TabPro S for a tablet.

A tablet-class keyboard in a 2-in-1 world

The keyboard itself feels unbelievably spacious both from the dimensions of the keys and the way they length towards the borders of the device. That said, it is missing a couple more media shortcuts than I'd enjoy, the keyboard follows a conventional layout, which makes it effortless for anyone to pick up.

Finally however, the keyboard feels behind the times, even as it sets completely flat on whatever surface you place it on. Most 2-in-1 devices have adopted keyboards that sit in a small incline to get a more comfortable typing position. It will not help that the keyboard looks like the spitting image of the OG Surface Pro Type Cover.

The plastic trackpad is amazingly adequate, offering precise mouse motions and scrolling, however, I wish it had been only a little bit larger. You will also need to be skeptical of fatty prints rubbing the keys and permanent imprints of your wrists appearing on the rubberized hands rests.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review

Battery life

The TabPro S continues surprisingly long given its exceptionally thin body. The 12-inch tablet lasted for a remarkable 4 hours and 40 minutes while running down the PCMark 8 battery evaluation and 6 hours and 6 minutes on Techtnet's standard movie evaluation -- a constant loop of Guardians of the Galaxy in 50% screen brightness and volume.

With streaming media, you can anticipate even longer run times. Throughout a lengthy Netflix binge, the TabPro S predicted almost continued for its projected 10.5 hours of battery life. Due to Samsung's fast charging technology, you are also going to be up and running in just under 2 hours and 30 minutes, also.

In contrast, the Surface Pro lasted a shorter 5 hours and 15 minutes, even however, this could be partly an error of Microsoft's shaky firmware because of its main tablet. On the other hand, the iPad Pro lasted to get a nearer six hours.

In general, Samsung's tablet takes a very small guide, however, these results are par for the course for many 12-inch slates available today.


Even though the TabPro S is just one incredibly thin tablet, in addition, it packs a punch, as a result of its Intel Core m3 processor. It's readily able to handle the strain of a full work day of handling a dozen Google and Microsoft Word documents, snappy web research and, of course, kitty GIF-filled chat windows.

You will not be able to game considerably with this device bashful of Solitaire, Hearthstone and other card associated games. However, This is where streaming via the Xbox One and Steam for PCs comes in to save the day.

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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review

Display, screen and speakers

OLED displays are only starting to hit the laptop world this season, and thus the TabPro S' Super AMOLED screen comes as a special and gratifying treat. The panel is super bright, enough to show the sun and warmth who is boss whilst making gorgeously heavy colours.

The very large contrast helps every thing pop and even makes text look skinnier. Like many other 12-inch devices, Samsung also made the leap to 2K (2,160 × 1,440 pixels, to be specific) resolution. It is a couple of ticks over 1080p, and also the extra resolution is a welcome addition that does not seem to put a dent in battery life or performance.

This slate's speakers are also a surprising treat. Even though they're oriented to the sides, rather than being ahead shooting, they nevertheless project loud and clear audio for both audio and videos. There is not any pronounced bass, but the stereo speakers have been enough to communicate the brawling action scenes in Daredevil's next season.

General assessment

The Samsung TabPro S has made me smitten. It's, hands down, the finest Windows 10 tablet computer for watching video and reading online. This should come as no surprise taking into consideration the company's rich history of Android devices.

That said, the keyboard case is a major let down. It is works well once you catch it out of your purse and place it on a desk, but it is nearly too shaky to securely use in your lap. Besides, you are going to require a place to throw the keyboard accessory when you would like to use the TabPro S as a tablet.

Since it stands -- or tries to -- the TabPro S just works flawlessly in the event that you use it at the precise manner Samsung has envisioned. But, damn, is that one slick Windows 10 tablet.