Apple solves MacBook Pro 2023 throttling issues with the software patch
Apple solves MacBook Pro 2023 throttling issues with the software patch

After a week of getting dragged on YouTube and Reddit to get a performance throttling problem, Apple's brand new MacBook Pro 2018 is currently rid of the problem by means of a software patch. Apple issued a statement concerning the problem and its own new repair, Laptop reports.

"Following extensive performance testing under numerous workloads, we have discovered that there is a lost electronic key from the firmware that affects the thermal control system and may push clock rates down beneath heavy thermal loads on the new MacBook Pro. A pest control is contained in the modern macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Supplemental Update and can be suggested. We apologize for any customer who has undergone less than optimum performance in their systems. Clients can expect the newest 15-inch MacBook Pro to be around 70% faster along with the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to be up to 2X faster, as shown from the performance results on our website."

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The fix comes following technology YouTube character David Lee discovered a problem from the 15-inch MacBook Pro having an Intel Core i9 processor that causes the processor to throttle itself once the laptop reaches a particular temperature while under load. Lee found the difficulty when creating 4K video through Adobe Premiere Pro.

According to Apple, this matter actually changed all versions of the new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models irrespective of the processor inside, and has been the result of a bug inside the computers' thermal control systems. Apple has since additional performance results for the exact same task Lee tried on video on its own website.

While we hadn't encountered these problems in our inspection of either 2018 MacBook Pro, this discovery and resulting solution could not have come at a better time for Apple. Given that the company has recently refocused on its Mac hardware over the last couple of years after raising complaints by disgruntled fans, another blemish on its own standing could be detrimental.

Apple was not clear on just when the macOS 10.13.6 upgrade will be available, at the time of writing, so make sure you continue checking that Mac App Store.