Microsoft is preparing Windows 10 for foldable devices
Microsoft is preparing Windows 10 for foldable devices

We have seen lots of rumors of Microsoft creating a foldable Surface product, however that is the first time we are hearing that the company is reprogramming Windows 10 to support them.

A new build of Windows 10 (numbered 18313.1004) coded with references to foldable devices has appeared, based on Buildfeed. Inside the build, users may discover this particular series:'rs_shell_devices_foldables.190111-1800.'

It appears probable that this new Windows 10 build was designed to support Microsoft's long-rumored Andromeda devices, which we have discovered will consist of dual-screens and foldable devices.

Even without Microsoft's help, we have seen a selection of dual-screen Windows 10 devices such as two generations of Lenovo's Yoga Book, the Asus Project Precog along with Intel's prototype Tiger Rapids.

Though Microsoft appears to be nowhere near prepared to produce a dual-screen Surface, the sector is already ripe for foldable hardware, also it is about time for Windows 10 to begin supporting them.